2014 Ottawa Municipal Elections - Letters


2014 Ottawa Municipal Election

In order to ensure residents’ best interests are being served at all times, I promise to do the following three things if elected Councillor for Ward 9:... more
Tiverton Drive and Councillor Egli - The Great Divide I think it appropriate at this time of Municipal Elections and in particular your campaign for re-... more
While out door knocking today I was told of a possible issue in Ward 5 where one candidate supposedly has been removing another’s signs and replacing them with... more
Ottawa City Idol will bring some of Ottawa’s prominent community leaders together this coming Thursday evening, to go head-to-head and compete for the... more
Para Transpo in Ward 5 is an issue I have had firsthand experience with.  My father has been disabled for over 10 years and for the first 7 plus of those he... more
Dear Voters, Tomorrow, Saturday, October 18 is your last opportunity to vote at an advance poll. Click here to find out where you can go to vote.  Voting is... more
I wrote this in May of 2010 and was posted on both my campaign website then [and now] as well as Blake Batson's much missed PerspectivesOttawa site.  A copy... more
Fortin LeFaivre Announces Support for Increased Harm Reduction Measures in Rideau-Vanier   Candidate says decision makers must act on overwhelming evidence... more
OTTAWA, October 16, 2014 - A lot of attention has been paid to the questions surrounding corporate donations to candidate, specifically donations from large... more
Dear friends and neighbours of Innes Ward, We are rapidly approaching election day on Monday October 27th! Public candidates meetings are now over and you can ... more