2014 Ottawa Municipal Elections - Letters


2014 Ottawa Municipal Election

Note that our mayor will run again. After all, he's brought such light and delights to our city. Look again. Another sinkhole. Just last week I cheerfully... more
We need to reboot the public square and the instruments of government. A compact, efficient city with a well-organized transportation system and a light... more
The IT sub-commitee of the City of Ottawa has helped implement some very good service enhancements for citizens of Ottawa since its inception in 2009. We now... more
This morning I was the first municipal candidate to commit to the Construction Resource Initiative’s (CRI) Mission 2030 pledge — a voluntary non-binding... more
Over the past 10 years we have seen an unprecedented development boom in our city. Much of the development in Somerset Ward has been in the form of condo... more
What troubles me most about this City/NCC exchange is that substantially critical comments were made by one level of government about another level of... more
In her column, “Environmental expectations come at a price” (Ottawa Citizen, Jan. 21, 2014), Joanne Chianello describes two solitudes when it comes to... more
Slates in municipal politics are not good because once elected they reduce the power of residents to influence local policy and decision making. I imagine the... more