2014 Ottawa Municipal Elections - Letters


2014 Ottawa Municipal Election

I am the proud father of a 6 year old daughter who attends St. George Catholic School. Family, Education and Community are important to me, and they are truly... more
This is an open letter to River Ward voters and to any other voters in Ottawa who care about councillors who are upfront with their constituents. There are... more
October 24, 2014
 Q: Would you improve transparency and accountability? If yes, how? A: Yes, is the short answer. I would strive to achieve the goals through several parallel... more
Update: We've updated the report, which details the property damage that has resulted as drivers pulling up to get their mail are destroying the grass verge... more
Dear Candidates, This year’s Ottawa Municipal Election has been lacking in debate. Just like the past four years at City Council, there has been very little... more
I was asked a question by the local media. The media is wonderful around this area but just in case it gets edited for space, here's the whole thing... I was... more
Previously, Mr. Annable wrote a posting which announced a presentation on regional heavy rail.  One of the speakers was the President of MOOSE, which is as... more
Problem: How to extend Light Rail Service to the Airport south of the Greenboro O-Train Station. Since the EY Centre is near the Airport I also wanted to... more
Since July I have been going door to door talking to people and asking for their support for mayor in Ottawa. What I am hearing from those that voted in the... more
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct. 22, 2014—Following a shooting on Parliament Hill and at the Canadian War Memorial, Martin Canning, candidate for city council in... more