Price of gasoline

Price of gasoline
Posted on August 31, 2013 | Rich McCarthy | Written on August 31, 2013
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Author's Note:

Author's Note:

In frustrtion over increasing gas prices, I wrote this email to my MP Pierre Poilievre today asking him to help consumers with the ever increasing price of gas.

Dear Pierre,

I know I have written to you many times on this and will continue to do so. The price of gasoline is getting out of hand. Sure blame it on the Syria crisis, etc., etc. Why should that effect us in Canada? Now the long weekend, another jack up of 0.04 cents bringing the price of gas at $1.40 per litre.

We are being ripped off royally, you know it, I know it and all of Canada knows it.

Sure the market is another excuse.

Your Government has the power to PUT A FREEZE ON GASOLINE.............

Rich in Nepean

Letter Response

Thanks for your latest message.
Our government has no plans to freeze gas prices.

Pierre Poilievre
M.P. Nepean-Carleton

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Former Federal Government employee who has lived in Craig Henry for 30 years. If I wanted to live downtown, I would have bought a house there. Nepean is not downtown!



I think gas and other energy is underpriced. Raising the prices will make people behave more reasonably in consumption, help build an effective public infrastructure (from local busses/trains to high speed intercity bullet trains). There's no way you can lose by moving prices of gas up and promoting modern alternatives and better behaviour.
btw Keep in mind also that all the government subsidies come out of our taxes (not that you were necessarily suggesting that).
and if you think high prices mean unfair situations for the poorer, not regarding that the system works against them on one hand, and that many folks abuse the system on the other, then you can simply use part of the higher revenues on higher gas / oil prices and subsidize the less fortunate amongst us.
the time of infinite cheap & dirty energy is coming to an end. buy an electric car if you don't like it. the power is in your hands.
i firmly support 2 to 3x the price of gas & oil.

To the submission by "Moose on Sun"

Your reply is absolutely ridicules, the power is in the hands of the big corporate oil company's who are gouging us and making millions upon millions. What about the price of gas for transporting our goods. At the super markets we are taking the hit as everything is going up and up. The revenues on higher gas is going to the Government of Canada. As far as your trains and planes no one can afford to travel as the cost of fares is way out of sight.

Rich in Nepean