ELXN2021 on the UnpublishedCafe: Recapping the Federal Leader's Debate

ELXN2021 on the UnpublishedCafe: Recapping the Federal Leader's Debate

That’s a wrap on the televised leaders debates in this federal election campaign. We are 10 days away from heading to the ballot box in the 44th Federal election. Polls are showing a tight race between the Conservatives and the Liberals, but no one is sniffing around majority territory. Thursday’s debate was the only English language debate and the Liberal leader was in the cross hairs of the other candidates. Did any of them make an impression?

The one thing not clearly answered by Justin Trudeau is why he called an election. Usually in these debates, everyone wants to make an impression—maybe a knockout punch. The issues on the table for discussion in the one and only English language debate were: Climate change, indigenous reconciliation, affordability and the COVID-19 pandemic. The issues were selected by the Federal Election Broadcast Group.

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Coming up on the podcast, we’ll chat with Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs. As well, David MacDonald, Senior Economist Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. First, someone who has been around debates and elections, Warren Kinsella, Political commentator and Special Advisor to PM Jean Chrétien, kicks it off…