UnpublishedTV: Re-opening the border

UnpublishedTV: Re-opening the border

Locked up for 15 months, the Canada US border will remain closed to non essential travel for at least another 30 days. What will it take to see traffic crossing over to both sides? 

Vaccines are being distributed, cases are coming down as are deaths and hospitalizations. The border has been closed since March 2020 and it has had a devastating effect on business, in particular travel and tourism. Cross border towns in Canada and the US have felt it dramatically with much fewer customers. PM Trudeau is calling for 75% of Canadians to be vaccinated with their first shot which Canada just passed this weekend. 20 percent of Canadians now have their second shot. US politicians are getting antsy about reopening and have been putting a bit of pressure on the President. Apparently, Trudeau and Biden spoke briefly about it last week at the G 7 meetings. The US has also declared the border closed for another 30 days.

Our Unpublished.vote question asked:

Do you support the reopening of the Canada—US border to non-essential travel?

  • Yes 88.2
  • No. 11.7
  • Unsure 0.1


  • Maryscott (Scotty ) Greenwood. CEO Canadian American Business Council
  • Mark Agnew VP Policy & International Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • Beth Potter President & CEO Tourism Industry Association of Canada
  • Marvin Ryder Professor DeGroote School of Business McMaster University


Maryscott Greenwood


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