UnpublishedTV--Bill C-10: Social media, politics and free speech

UnpublishedTV--Bill C-10: Social media, politics and free speech
What started off as an update to the Broadcasting Act in Canada, has ballooned into a “war of words” over the possible infringement on your freedom of expression. Bill C-10 has become a political football on Parliament Hill. Will it get across the goal line?
The Broadcasting Act has not been touched since 1991. Long before Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and our lives relied on the internet. Broadcasters have seen these giants swallow up ad revenues and eyeballs from traditional media, radio and television. Those broadcasters have to ensure a certain amount of Canadian content and contribute to a fund for Canadian artists.
Social media has enveloped our world. It is your feed whether Twitter or Instagram and if you have thousands of followers, should that be monitored by a government agency? The CRTC regulates traditional broadcasters but it can’t touch the internet. Our Unpublished.vote question asked:
Do you think Bill C-10 be passed as is or be amended?
The result: 
  • Amend: 96.4%
  • As is: 3.6%
  • Unsure: O%
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Panel Guests: 
  • Warren Kinsella, Columnist and Former Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Jean Chretien 
  • Daniel Bernhard, Executive Director of the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
  • Tim Denton, Internet policy lawyer and Chairman of the Canada Chapter of the Internet Society