COVID-19: Promising Vaccines

COVID-19: Promising Vaccines

The world has watched and waited for a COVID-19 vaccine. Could it be here by the end of the year?

This week, Pfizer announced some promising results from their testing of a vaccine - one that Canada has pre-ordered 20 million of. This vaccine requires two shots, so 20 million doses only covers 10 million people. Earlier this year on the Unpublished Cafe, we asked the question: How long did you think it would take to have a safe and effective vaccine? Overwhelmingly, our viewers estimated it would be longer than 12 months.

A vaccine would shift the pandemic on its ear putting us back to as close to normal as we were before COVID. But even if the Pfizer vaccine is safe and effective according to Health Canada, how soon do you feel it will be available to the public? Let us know what you think by casting your vote on Unpublished.Vote!


Raywat Deonandan

Associate Professor