COVID-19: Responding to the Second Wave

COVID-19: Responding to the Second Wave

 Are we about to see the same Spring lockdowns in response to COVID’s second-wave?

The number of Covid cases is on the rise in Canada as the provinces struggle with hot spots. Quebec has gone into Red Alert and ordered residents in three hotspots not to socialize outside their household.

Medical experts are advising against severe lockdown measures, as the virus only stops spreading for as long as the lockdown is in affect - and the consequences on business are far longer lasting and detrimental.

We want to know what you think: do you feel the “second wave” of the Covid pandemic see more infections than the first wave? Head on over to Unpublished.Vote to have your say!


Patrick Saunders-Hastings


Gevity Consulting Inc. 

Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti

Infectious Diseases Physician at Trillium Health Partners 


Susan Kirkland

Head University Research Professor of Community Health and Epidemiology

Dalhousie University