2020 Liberal Throne Speech

2020 Liberal Throne Speech

A Throne Speech is on the horizon for Canadians. Will it mean a new direction for the country or a trip to the ballot box?

The gnashing of teeth was apparent when the Liberals pulled the plug on Parliament, proroguing until September 23rd. Opposition members accuse the Grits of ducking the investigations into the WE Scandal. The political posturing is not surprising, but the bottom line for all Canadians is finding away out of the pandemic and getting the economy on track. Prime Minister Trudeau has said he will consult with all party leaders, but whether it’s an empty gesture or a meaningful conversation, is still to be seen.

One thing that is very clear despite the lack of details is the Throne Speech will come with a lot of spending. There have been overtures toward a green economy, more childcare spending, national pharmacare program and guaranteed annual income. The game of chicken comes with the confidence vote. If the Opposition parties vote against the speech, then we’re headed to the polls.

What would you like to see addressed in the Liberal's Throne Speech? You can head over to Unpublished.Vote to cast your ballot, and email your local MP!