We Charity

We Charity

The federal government is in full on damage control in the wake of the WE Charity scandal. Will it be enough for the Prime Minister to step aside.

Prime Minister Trudeau was apologetic after the fact that it was revealed the WE Charity scored a sole sourced program to run the 900 million dollar youth volunteer program. Initially it was suggested the federal service made the recommendation but that has been less clear. It also came to light that his mother, brother and half brother were all paid to speak at WE events. The WE Charity is the youth led work of the Kielburger brothers. WE started as Free the Children before developing into a sprawling charitable endeavour.

The Prime Minister will be asked to testify at several Parliamentary committees on the issue and faces an investigation by the Ethics Commissioner. This will be just the latest investigation following up on SNC Lavalin, the Aga Khan vacation just to name two. There appears to be a pattern here…


Dan McTeague

Veteran Progressive Conservative MP