Bill 161 - Ontario's 'Smarter and Stronger Justice Act'

Bill 161 - Ontario's 'Smarter and Stronger Justice Act'

When it comes to access for justice in Ontario, it appears the province’s Bill 161, the Smarter and Stronger Justice Act, will do neither. 

While the province continues to grapple with the pandemic, predominantly in long term care homes, Bill 161 will support defendants being sued. There are several class action lawsuits currently underway against operators of some of these facilities for negligence. The pandemic has hit low income Canadians hard - and these are the people who use Legal Aid Ontario to access justice. The new language in the Act puts cost ahead of justice when it comes to Ontario’s most vulnerable. 

On this edition of the Unpublished Cafe, we’ll find out more about the impact of the Smarter and Stronger Justice Act on legal aid as well as what it means for class action lawsuits. Do you think Bill 161 will leave Ontarians looking for justice? Let us know and email your MPP, all on Unpublished.Vote


Marissa Lennox

Chief Policy Officer