Unpublished Cafe podcast: COVID-19

Unpublished Cafe podcast: COVID-19

The virus originated in China's province of Wuhan around December - the virus was transmitted from animals to human in wild-animal meat market. The first reported death appears in January, and 9 days later its being reported around the world.

In February, deaths are happening outside of China after the WHO declares Covid-19 a global health emergency. The virus is discovered to have been used in a cult ritual.

In March, Covid-19 is declared a pandemic, and Canada reaches a thousand total cases. By March 21st, the amount of Global Cases surpasses three hundred thousand. Tens of millions of Canadians are staying home - the impact that the virus is having on the economy has surmounted beyond that of 2008, and 9-11. Five thousand Canadians sign up to be protected by the 82-billion-dollar aid package announced by the Federal Government following their decision to keep Canadians at home.

Today on the Unpublished Cafe, we'll take a look at the economic and psychological impacts of something as unprecedented as Covid-19. Be sure to listen in on the rest of our COVID-19 series, and to cast your vote at Unpublished.Vote

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