Unpublished.Cafe: Canadian Telecommunications and Broadcasting Regulations

Unpublished.Cafe: Canadian Telecommunications and Broadcasting Regulations

Brave and bold or same old same old. Two ends of the spectrum when it comes to Canada’s Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review panel’s final report. The result of 18 months of industry experts outlining what is needed in this country as the industry grapples with new, limber competitors in their traditional world.

The report provides us with 97 recommendations for the industry. Some may never see the light of day, while others could bring some challenges. On the political side of the Broadcasting and a Telecommunications Legislative Review panel report, the Conservatives felt it didn’t go far enough. Netflix scoops up viewers from traditional broadcasters. With technology now, anyone can become a “broadcaster’ with very little financial cost.

The BTLR panel’s final report could transform what we watch and listen to. But what of the costs? Do social media giants like Facebook and Twitter need to be brought under government oversight? Listen in, and remember to cast your vote on unpublished.vote



Michael Geist

Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, University of Ottawa


John Lawford

Executive Director

Public Interest Advocacy Centre