Unpublished.Cafe: Canada's 43rd General Election

Unpublished.Cafe: Canada's 43rd General Election

Buckle up Canada. We’re approaching the finish line in the 43rd Federal election.

Since September 11th, Canadians have been under a constant barrage of insults, insinuation, and outright lies. But, as Kim Campbell said on the trail, “an election campaign is no time to talk about serious issues”. Of course, those words haunted her and the Conservatives as they were banished to the back benches when Jean Chretien and the Liberals took their first of three straight majorities.

But as we sit on the eve of polling day, the road to the House is far from clear.

Here on the Cafe we have brought you all political parties and their views on the issues to give you chance to make an informed decision. Coming up, we’ll chat with Caroline Andrew, Director of the Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa as well as Tom Koroski, managing director of Blacklocks Reporter.