Unpublished.Cafe: Foreign Policy in Canada's Federal Election

Unpublished.Cafe: Foreign Policy in Canada's Federal Election

Will Canada’s federal election be won on the international stage? Voters are mere two months away from heading to the ballot box. When the Liberals came to power in 2015, Justin Trudeau pledged “Canada is back” and “Sunny Ways” as a counter to the ten years of Stephen Harper. But the positive words and ambition were somewhat derailed by the 2016 US election which vaulted Donald Trump into the Oval Office. Since then Canada’s foreign policy has been turned upside down by his erratic behavior.

Today on the Unpublished Cafe, we’ll take a look at Canada’s approach to foreign policy and whether it will be a major influence in the upcoming election. We’ll chat with Stephen Saidemen, the Paterson Chair in International Affairs,  as well as Director of the Canadian Defense and Security Network at Carleton University and get his perspective on the parties approach to foreign affairs.

Justin Trudeau notes that the world needed more Canada and he would bring it. Global media initially fawned over the new Prime Minister, but those eyes also saw the mistakes and missteps over the last four years. It will be interesting to monitor Canadians views on foreign policy when it comes to who to vote for.

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