Ban on Single Use Plastics; Was it an Environmental or Political Decision?

Ban on Single Use Plastics; Was it an Environmental or Political Decision?
Up to 95 per cent of all plastic found in the world’s oceans comes from just 10 source rivers, which are all in the developing world. Single-use items: plastic bags, straws, cutlery, plates, stir sticks, takeout packaging, cups, and cigarette butts. The proposed Liberal plan would kick off in 2021 —curbing litter and also cutting nearly 2 million tons of carbon pollution. They claim the policy would also stimulate the economy by creating 42,000 jobs.
Single use plastic items are in the crosshairs of the federal government with a proposed ban to be in place by 2021. While plastics appears to be the environmental boogeyman, will it result in tangible benefits? Prime Minister Trudeau made the policy announcement earlier this month. Environmental groups applauded the move while the Cons saw it as a distraction from the issues that have been dragging down the Liberals. This is far from new in the Western world. Who hasn’t seen those plastic bags snagged in trees or blowing across a parking lot like tumbleweeds? The plastic straw became a symbol for all that is wrong with single use products when a video was uploaded of a sea turtle having one removed from it’s nostril. More than 33 million YouTube views and counting. It’s hard to argue with that evidence. 
Why do you think the Liberals announced a ban on single use plastics? Is it: 
A. Distraction from scandals and gaffes?
B. Bring back Green and NDP supporters who voted Liberal in 2015?
C. Environment is a key issue for next Federal elxn?
D. International pressure?
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