UnpublishedOttawa.com celebrates its first year

UnpublishedOttawa.com celebrates its first year

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Posted on May 7, 2014 | By James OGrady

A few weeks ago ‘Unpublished Ottawa’ passed the one year mark.

 Our first year of operation has been very exciting. When we launched in April in 2013 we didn’t know what kind of reception we would receive. A self-publishing, social media website specifically for letter writers and Canadians interested in current affairs had never been done before.  The difficult part when you first start out, is getting the word out that you exist. Whether or not people will use your product and see the value of your service is a completely different thing altogether!

 But, with the help of our contributors and their 400+ letters, ‘Unpublished Ottawa’ has bore witness to hundreds of issues of concern to Canadians from all walks of life, over the last 13 months. Whether it’s the NHL playoffs, a good idea or cause, or one of the many political controversies in the Nation’s capital, Unpublished Ottawa’s contributors have voiced their opinions and shared their ideas through audio, video and text letters.

 In conjunction with our 30,000+ readers ‘Unpublished Ottawa’ has exceeded all expectations in its first year. Something we couldn’t have achieved without your help and support.

 To all of you who have helped make the ‘Unpublished Ottawa’ experiment a success thus far, we would like to say, thank you… keep up the good work!



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